Lagavulin Distillery, Islay

Wild Photography Holidays summer tour to Islay and Jura.

June 18th, 2015. Photography tours in Scotland in the middle of summer mean long days – on this tour up to 21 hours. Islay is fabulous in any season and the photographic opportunities – day and night – as well as Charlotte’s now famous hospitality, made this a memorable tour for our Wild Photography Holidays guests. We’re on next for them in Iceland in September and will be hosting a tour in Torridon in November. There are still some places, so come for a tour like you’ve never been on before.

Ruined cottage near Bridgend, Islay, Bridgend Woods Detail of rocks at Kintra, Islay, Scotland Cave near Bunnahabhain, Islay Lady fern in the field studio 1972 Commer campervan, Jura Kildalton Cross, Islay, Scotland Grey seal in the water, Islay 1972 Commer campervan, Jura KIntra Beach, Islay, Scotland Jura distillery with palm trees IFTE-NB-145808 IFTE-NB-145695

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