Reindeer, Iceland

Three back to back Iceland tours

March 24th, 2016. Almost a month ago, I left for Iceland to co-lead three photo tours for Wild Photography Holidays, two of which I led with Charlotte. The experience of the three groups was quite different in respect of the weather encountered and opportunities presented but as ever, we added new locations to the roster of ones on the itinerary and conjured good work out of, sometimes, unpromising conditions. We also kept everyone safe. As visitor numbers to Iceland grow – visitors who are often ill-suited to extra-urban conditions – safety at a number of sites is becoming more of an issue for tour leaders and is one we take seriously. The annual number of fatalities and serious injuries is growing – one Chinese tourist drowned on the beach at Vik and indeed, we saw some of the biggest seas we’ve encountered  during these tours.

This time, I left a lot of my camera gear at home – I’m there to help guests with their photography after all – but did bring my 500mm lens to take those images I always miss because I don’t have something quite long enough. Paired with a D810 with amazing high ISO capability, I made most of the long lens shots handheld – and how liberating that is!

Icelandic horse at dusk, Iceland Icelandic horses, Iceland Icelandic horse, Iceland Ice detail, Svinasfjelljokull, Iceland Dusk at Stokksness, Iceland Photographer at Stokksness, Iceland Einar, Crystal Cave, Vatnajokull, Iceland Ice cave, Vatnajokull, Iceland Snow bunting, Jokulsarlon, Iceland Spray from rollers, south Iceland Rollers, south Iceland, Iceland Great black backed gull, Iceland Reindeer, Iceland Reindeer, Iceland Common seal, Iceland Common seal, Iceland Snow bunting, Jokulsarlon, Iceland Glacier walk on the Svinafjellsjokull, Iceland Skyline at Svinafjellsjokull, Iceland Skyline at Skaftfjell, Iceland Northern Lights,  Jokulsarlon, Iceland Lenticular clouds at dusk,  south Iceland
Glacier walk on the Svinafjellsjokull, Iceland

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