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trial pick up a pebble

Start of ambitious pebble project

trial pick up a pebble

July 7th, 2014. After thinking about it for a long time I’ve got down to work on a large art piece called Pick up a Pebble (that’s not so easy to say…) The image here represents about one-twentieth of its final extent which will comprise five 5′ x 2′ canvases portraying one thousand individual pebbles from a beach near home. En masse, on the beach, it’s impossible to appreciate the individual beauty of these pieces of feldspar-quartz- biotite-phyric rhyolite, ignimbritic rhyolite and altered granitic stone which have weathered free of an ancient matrix of lower Old Red Sandstone. I photograph the individual pebbles in the field studio so each can be seen clearly, as separate and unique characters. While the internet is marvellous for sharing images,  the work is much more arresting in printed form. If you are interested in acquiring the piece or commissioning similar works, we’d be glad to speak to you.

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