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Scottish Tree of the Year 2014 shoots


August 19th, 2014. I’ve just finished photographing the six shortlisted trees for the title, “Scottish Tree of the Year 2014“, along with their advocates.  Voting is open now on the Woodland Trust’s website. I was keen to employ light painting and /or strobes to give a distinctive look to the candidates although it proved possible with only four of the six trees (street lighting thwarted my attempts to paint the Clachan oak, and Lady’s tree at Lowes of the Lowes had to be painted from 150 distance from one point lending a flatter look than I like.) I love how light painting allows subjects to be picked out of the landscape and creates a beautiful effect (so long as you can get to both sides of the subject!) no matter how gloomy the day has been.

Queen Mary's Tree, Cumbernauld, Scottish Tree of the Year 2014 Finalist

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