oak leaf panel b


oak leaf panel b

Oak leaf panel c

Oak leaf panel a

November 27th, 2014. I’ve just completed three 44″ x 44″ panels featuring over 200 oak leaves, the first of several works I plan to make this winter. A start has already been made on the 1000 pebbles project (300 elements shot so far) and I have another 200 beech leaves waiting to be processed and assembled.

The absence of context characterises “Objectography”: the subject (or inanimate object) is presented in isolation, the sole focus of the image. From these elements, I assemble pieces that (with the exception of the creatures that have crept in here!) encourage examination of the individual elements. This is achieved, in part, by avoiding any obvious compositional structures that would guide the viewer more quickly through the image.

These pieces will be made available in due course as limited (5 copies only) edition prints so start saving now!

(By the way, you can magnify the images here to see a LOT more detail)

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