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Aldie Burn

Forestry Commission assignment completed

October 2nd, 2014. I’ve just completed and delivered (on time!) my biggest assignment to date by visiting and providing coverage of 48 Forestry Commission Scotland sites in the north of Scotland. This has resulted in 785 finished, geo-tagged images to be used by the Commission for communications work about their recreation offer. The ReleaseMe iPad app. provided a cool, efficient way of gathering model releases from the forest users I pictured during the job.

While the weather was generally quite kind, time constrained jobs like this call for and ability to make the most of whatever the conditions; dawn and dusk shooting only isn’t an option. Nevertheless, the images that result perhaps better reflect the experience of most forest users rather than that of “golden-hour-obssessed” photographers.

Quarrelwood Foggieton Foggieton Auchnashellach Slattadale Slattadale Kinloch Rogie Falls Little Garve Fly agaric Lael Aldie Burn Raven's Rock Glenfeshie Glenfeshie Glenfeshie Glenfeshie Kinloch Glen Brittle Glen Brittle Glen Brittle Borgie Glen Borgie Glen Borgie Glen Borgie Glen Blackmuir

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