Completion of beech leaf objectographs

May 19th, 2015. ¬†An unfinished piece of work from last autumn has just been completed: 3 4′ x 4′ objectographs featuring about 180 beech leaves. In common with the three pedunculate oak panels I made last year, these visually arresting large works highlight individuality and variety within a species. I have made a specialised rig to greatly speed up production of the individual elements of these works, allowing me to create even larger ones later this year.

Beech panel 1 web

beech panel 2-web


Beech panel 3 web

2 Comments on “Completion of beech leaf objectographs

  1. Great work, Niall, love it, perhaps your next composition should be the leaf of the Ash tree.someting to remember it by.

  2. Thanks Pete! I’m open to any ideas like this. I wonder if there is enough variation in ash leaves to allow me to carry this off? If nothing else, this will make me look closer at them.

    My best


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