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Cairngorms Show sign off

June 10, 2014. It’s been a long haul but today we signed off the Cairngorms Nature Show, commissioned earlier in the year by The Cairngorms National Park Authority. This 53 minute photo film features six “Livewires” – people who have been shaped by the Park and are great ambassadors for it – and six “Celebrity Species” for which the Park is especially important. We love the directness and candour of the contributors, especially the young ones. I produced, directed and shoot a lot of the images for the show while John MacPherson was responsible for the editing and sound design. He and Pete Cairns also contributed a lot of additional images. I will be presenting the Show at various venues around Scotland later in the year and we’ll have an online version up soon. Many thanks to Pete Cairns, Ronan Taylor, Elizabeth Pirie, David Frew, Vicky Hilton, Rachel Crane and Dave Craig who feature in the show.

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