Health and Safety Statement

Health and Safety

In recognition of the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 and other legislation relating to Health and Safety, I will take all reasonable measures, as far as practically possible and take full responsibility to ensure my health, safety and welfare and that of others whilst at work. To that end I will:

• Act within the framework of the law and good practice, safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and conditions of work, for myself and any others I’m working with. I will work in a safe manner to prevent accidents to myself and others.

During a commission, I will provide a safe working environment for myself by:

• Using safe and well maintained camera equipment;

• Working safely on location;

• Using computer terminals at optimal viewing height;

• Transporting myself and equipment safely;

• Providing adequate and sufficient information, instruction and advice to others, especially in respect of reporting in advance the sites I intend to visit.

• Having maps and navigation aids to prevent me from getting lost;

• Having adequate protective clothing, food and drink while on location;

• Limiting loads to 20 kg.

I will protect others by:

Moving equipment to the side of paths and being mindful of potential tripping hazards;

• Exercise due care and attention when cycling on shared cycle/footpaths.

Signed by Niall Benvie, 20th June, 2014