Advice – presentations

I am an informed and enthusiastic speaker on a broad range of topics related to photographic technique and ideas, environmental communication, the Scottish environment and community building through photography. Engagements have included:

BioFoto, Trondheim, Norway 2004; Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, Tel Aviv, 2005; World Wilderness Congress, Anchorage, 2005; BVNF (Belgian Nature Photographers) congress, 2005; Wild Photos (NPOY), Bristol 2006; Wunderwelten Festival, Lindau, Germany 2007; AEFONA, Granada, Spain 2007; Green Exercise NHS / FC, Cumbernauld, 2007; Wild Photos, London, 2009; GDT, Lünen, Germany 2010; CAM Year of Photography, Alicante, 2011; AEFONA, Alcala, Spain, 2012; Keynote speaker at Europarc conference, Genk, Belgium, 2012; EXODOS Congress, Oviedo, Spain, 2013; Wild Photos, London, 2013; Konnevesi, Finland, 2014; Doñana Bird Fair, Aznalcazar, 2015.

What we can do for you.

• Combine an all-day photography workshop with an evening presentation, the former at no cost to the organisation. This model defrays the costs of booking me and many  organisations have turned a booking to profit. Here’s what’s on offer: Niall_Benvie_speaker_promotion