You are not a photocopier!


You are not a photocopier! from snapper to artist in six lessons (sample pages)

Niall Benvie 2015

You are not a photocopier! is a riveting read for photographers who want their work to be noticed and their ideas heard. It takes as its premise the idea that “art need be no more complex than the successful communication of ideas and feelings” and shows the reader ways to make their work less generic and more specific to them. This e-book breaks the mould of what is considered “nature photography” and offers readers an exciting vision of where it could head.

74 1680×1050 pixel pages, in standard (39.3Mb), and high (106.7Mb) resolution versions, in interactive PDF format with dozens of links to other photographers, artists and equipment manufacturers, for desktop computers, laptops and iPads.

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An unvarnished review from Pete Cairns of Northshots.

A fuller one in Jose Antunes’s February 2015 online magazine

Anna Bonita Evans, in her review for Outdoor Photography Magazine (April 2015) said this:

“Innovate, Don’t Imitate: Niall Benvie’s New E-Book. Regular OP columnist, Niall Benvie, is known for thinking outside the box and conjuring up innovative ideas around photography. His latest ebook, entitled You are not a Photocopier! From snapper to artist in six lessons, maintains his reputation and is sure to inspire photographers to explore different ideas and styles and to break away from generic images. In each of the six chapters, Niall sets the challenge of creating a photograph (using topics such as “deconstruction” and “interpretation” as springboards) that is hard for others to replicate. Niall adopts a playful approach through quirky design and with his light hearted tone,making the prospect of developing your individual expression an enjoyable and fun endeavour. Refreshing, witty and full of useful information, this book is a success from the first to the last page.”

Comments on the e-book:

“Great book – just purchased it! A must-read for all the aspiring wildlife photographers who are all trying to win the same awards, get the same magazine covers, etc.” D.B.

“Your book is thoroughly enjoyable and has made me think again. The contents are easily understood and your ideas on posters made me smile when looking at the images. I will be recommending it to my friends.” D.H.

“Thank you for your wonderful ebook. I am blown away by your photos but also inspired to look at how I take my own photos too. I like to use photos in my textile work and  your ideas on deconstruction and interpretation were especially resonant. Lots of your ideas strike a chord. Your afterword is a joy…….’the ideas I work on now already exist……’ ‘connection’  and deep inner knowledge contrasted with received wisdom. These concepts came to me too, gradually, over many years of psychoanalytic work with patients and also reading widely.” S.P.