Food and Photography Retreats Ltd

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Sometimes, it just feels like an idea’s time has come and thus it was that we decided earlier this year to establish Food and Photography Retreats Ltd. The experience we’ve gained over the years of guiding, teaching and looking after other photographers suggested that there was a gap in the market for house-party style holidays in attractive, less crowded locations, with structured, skills-based tuition and excellent hospitality. We are excited too about cooperating with other professional photographers from around the world to give you something extra special. With two Retreats developed and the first one, to Islay and Jura sold out, we will be working hard in the next two years to develop a portfolio of new locations ahead of our move to France in October 2020.

As well as revisiting old haunts and discovering new ones, we’ll be investing a lot of time in growing our mailing list, with the promise each month of an interesting newsletter that goes well beyond a mere sales pitch. In it, we’ll introduce you to fascinating photographers and projects from around the world, specialised technical tips, food styling ideas and information about what we’re planning as well as reports on our other work as chocolatiere and photographer.