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Cake pops

Our cake pops are comprised of a rich chocolate cake and butercream filling with a coating of fine Belgian chocolate. If there’s someone you want to impress at coffee break, this is the way! What’s more, if you would like a bespoke order for a special occasion, just let Charlotte know the theme and colour scheme and she’ll make them. Cake pops are made fresh to order and have a shelf life of 6 weeks: there is a minimum order of 5, which can be a variety of designs (examples below).

Carlotta's Chocolates, wrapped cake pop








White chocolate, gluten-free cake pop with sugar decorations and sprinkles. 35g, bagged. 33.6% cocoa.

Shelf life: 6 weeks

Allergens: milk, soya, eggs.

In packs of 5.

Note: since this transaction is handled by an Australian website, your bank may charge you a small transaction fee.

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